Take the 30 Day Challenge

Friends! Please help us launch our charitable lifetime brand "OYWO" (One Year Water Only)

We need your help to make this vision a reality!

What we have:

- A big vision

- Decades of experience working with youth in the action sports scene

- We have an international team of volunteers

- We have open doors to Youth Festivals in Poland, UK, Netherlands, and Spain

What we need:

-2X 9 seater minibusses

- 1 trailer

- Lots of love and people to partner with us


Three simple steps:

1. Sign Up

2. Calculate Savings Drinking Only Water in June

3. Donate Savings

Challenge Sign-Up

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Image by Jonathan Ouimet

Thank you for taking the OYWO challenge!!!

 It's a win, win, win scenario.

1. You win - drinking just water will have  a wide variety of health benefits.

2. People will benefit from our investment in action sports.

3. Poor communities will benefit from receiving access to clean water.